Metal Structure Warehouse Building

Metal Structure Warehouse Building design and fabricated according customer's requirements , the wall and roof used single color sheet or sandwich panel

Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Prefabricated Steel Buildings become increasingly popular due to lower cost,fast construction,light weight,save manpower.

Steel Structure Workshop

Steel structure Workshop is a new type of building structure system, formed by the main steel framework Structure

Steel Structure Warehouse

Steel Structure Warehouse formed by Steel Coloum ,Steel Beam ,Bracing ,Purlin,quickly installation , green building and save manpower .

Steel Shed Structure

Steel Shed Structure belongs to the flexible structure which can effectively reduce the seismic response and disaster impact.

Prefab Storage Building

Prefab Storage Building has the advantages of wide span,high strength,low cost,,beautiful appearance,short construction time

Aircraft Hangar

Steel Structure Aircraft Hangar with the advantage of Light Deadweight , large span ,great strength

Prefab Steel Workshop

Prefab Steel Workshop fast construction,all the steel structure fabricated in workshop and erection on site,save manpower.

Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop

Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop cost less the main sections are manufactured then shipped to construction location

Steel Structure Chemical Plant

Fabricated Steel Structure,Equipment Platform ,Handrail,Ladder and supply galvanized grating for Chemical Plant

Steel Garage Building

Steel Garage Building formed by Steel Coloum,Steel Beam,Bracing,Purlin,The Wall and Roof used Single Colour sheet

Steel Structure Warehouse Building

Steel Structure Warehouse Building very durable,strong enough to withstand heavy snowfall, high winds, and strong earthquakes.