Along with the rising cost of electric power and an increasing demand of sustainable commercial building, steel structure building
manufacturers need to focus on green buildings. Qingdao Havit steel structure Co.,ltd focuses on the innovationg of high quality steel structure
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Steel quantity of Portal Frame is related to with Structural Style , Loading , seize of buildings , quality of steel and others , the Construction seize mainly including the Span of frame , distance of column , height of eave , and Slop of roof , When initial condition confirm of the Project , should find economic and resonable condition in the variable condition .

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Use of steel as a construction material has seen phenomenal growth in the last few years. Althoughsteel buildingshave been used in the commercial and industrial sectors for a long time, they are increasingly gracing the skylines of countries all over the world.Use of metals in construction began in the 1700’s with the use of iron columns within walls. Iron beams and columns became a common feature in large industrialbuildingsover the years. Continue reading