High quality steel structure ensure the chemical composition and mechanical properties at the same time,Using two digits indicate the average carbon steel mass fraction Wan score (wс × 10000),such as the 08 steel the average mass fraction of carbon in steel is 0.08%, high quality carbon structural steel is mainly used in the manufacture of machine parts.
High quality steel structure is usually heat treatment to improve the mechanical properties,so how about the Steel structure fabrication of prefabricated steel members ?
Steel structure processing according to the installation sequence and process requirement on steel platform for prefabrication and assembly of steel components,and ensure the welding quality.
Stitching joint section of the flange and web of stitching joint spacing should be greater than 200 ㎜ for the section steel,Flange
plate splicing length should not be less than 2 times the width; Web stitching width should not be less than 300 ㎜, length
should be not less than 600 ㎜.
Convenience for welding in the steel structure fabrication, ensure the quality of welding, the reinforcement plate on the column,
beam, connecting plate, plate, pick beam (beam) on the steel platform set according to construction drawing size of the welding.
On steel platform of prefabricated steel members in addition to the assembly according to construction drawing and specification requirements, the manufacturer should also be considered to remind technology of site erection and installation size changes.
This is the steel structure fabrication of prefabricated steel members,prefabricated in good work , For the whole steel structure fabrication with a certain role.