Steel enterprises have developed rapidly expanding applications Currently, the downturn steel market and not to bring big impact of the steel structure industry ,
for example : steel structure building, , many domestic steel structure enterprises have a very large market space for
Especially in the WenChuan earthquake, many small and medium-sized steel structure enterprises
invest in steel construction of public facilities in the affected areas
construction of public facilities, domestic large manufacturing company, with the advantage of production equipment,
prices and quality.
At this stage ,Steel structure market maintain a balance, in a good period of development.

Sustained and stable development of China’s construction industry

In recent years, our country economy sustained and rapid development, the construction industry as the pillar industry of
national economy, has become an important power to drive the rapid growth of national economy. Steel structure industry
processing and manufacturing can meet the basic needs of the engineering construction.

During the period of “11th five-year plan”, to vigorously promote the development of construction steel structure it has
to further improve the level of application technology.
high-rise and super high-rise buildings should adopt the reasonable structure of steel or steel concrete structure system,
Large-span buildings should use Space grid structure, three-dimensional truss structure, the membrane structure and the
structure of prestressing system ,Low-rise buildings should be vigorously promoted economic applicable light steel structure system
Through summarizing the pilot experience, combined with market demand, and actively developing the steel structure residential building system, and gradually achieve industrialization.
the amount of steel for steel construction up to 6% of the country’s total steel production capacity, while the overall technical level of construction steel structure close to or reached the international advanced level by 2015.

Scientific development; meet steel structure industry needs
Steel structure industry has developed rapidly in our country, as the double production ,
the quality inceasingly. Steel structure technology and management has significant progress,
in some aspects such as production, installation, steel supply reached international advanced level,

The country set up a number of steel Institute of Design, specializing in structural design of steel structures, detail design and consulting work. The emergence of a large number of excellent steel design agencies, design software and scientific research. Meanwhile revised steel structure design, construction quality inspection standards, preparation of technical specification, design and so on more than 90 of the Atlas, published a large number of specialty steel materials, academic papers and application notes. Steel complete supporting products, processing equipment manufacturer has developed rapidly to meet the needs of the steel industry. The strength of steel more than 30 companies undertook the installation of large steel structure installation key domestic projects. New technologies, new processes, new equipment after another, its construction and installation level reached the international advanced level. After seeing the rapid development of China’s steel, it is also to be noted that China’s steel industry, compared with the international advanced level, there is not a small gap. Compared with developed countries in the world economy, steel steel consumption in developed countries usually accounts for about 10% of steel production, China’s annual output of steel should reach 30 million tons. At present, the amount of steel steel accounted for only about 5% of China’s steel production. This shows that the Chinese seel industry has a great application and development space.

Steel building is a new type of energy saving building system, known as one of the 21st century “green building”, is an energy-saving environmental protection, building structure can be recycled, in line with the development of buildings that conserve energy and sustainable economic requirements for healthy development. In high-rise buildings, large factories, large-span spatial structure, transportation and energy projects, residential buildings can play to their own advantages. Foreign steel companies to enter the country for nearly 20 years, the United States, Australia, with light steel main body of their technologically advanced design software, after ten years of study, our design level has risen to a new level.
Steel enterprises have developed rapidly expanding applications

At present, China’s steel market is mainly distributed in the metallurgical, power, chemical, bridge, marine engineering, building construction, large venues, residential, machinery and equipment, and household goods and other fields.

Next period, the amount of steel will increase in several areas. First, the energy companies to speed up the construction of thermal power plants, the main plant and increase the amount of steel boiler steel, steel plants, including nuclear power, wind power and other steel. Second, traffic engineering are made of steel railway bridge, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed, across the sea, across the bridge using the bridge, expressway guardrail, toll stations, steel amount of traffic signs, as well as airports, railway stations the new and expansion projects. Third, municipal infrastructure subway and light rail projects, urban overpass, viaduct, environmental engineering, urban public facilities, adopted steel. Such as Beijing viaduct about more than 20,000 tons of steel annually. Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games, facilities Shenzhen World Youth Council have adopted a large number of steel buildings. Fourth, steel housing. The state promotes land-efficient residential construction, design specifications related to steel housing and supporting technology, basic materials available. Currently, only a few million square meters of steel housing, the developed countries has reached 40-50% as of the completion of 600 million square meters per year of urban residential building with steel 5%, according to a multi-layer, high-rise buildings on average per square statistics, the amount of 50 kg of steel will reach 1.5 million tons of steel per year. The above figures have not yet used the rural buildings including steel statistics. Because of China’s steel prices lower than international prices, low labor costs, high quality steel production in the international construction market is highly competitive, foreign enterprises in China in recent years has increased the procurement of steel, many steel plants to undertake a large number of overseas orders.